Three For Free – After Summer Projects


It’s been a while since we brought you three free upcycles but with the kids back to school and the summer over, why not take a few moments to spruce up your home with these simple projects.

This Coffee Can to Planter Bucket Project courtesy of The Wicker House

All you need is a paint can, white gloss paint, a drill, some rope and a simple shell necklace to make this fantastic upcycle.

This Seashell Can courtesy of

All you need is a can of your choice, seashells from your beach holiday and a hot glue gun to make this truly unique project.

This Craft Supply Holder courtesy of Domestically Blissful

All you need is an empty tissue box, empty paper rolls, paper, scissors, a glue stick, coloured pencils and some illustration markers to make this neat and tidy organiser project.

Alternatively, in our latest issue of Reloved magazine (available to order online, download to your digital device or subscribe to both in print and digital.), we’ve Clare Young’s simple-to-make wallpaper folders which we previewed last Wednesday.

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