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Got it covered

We love these clever woollen vase covers handmade in Ely, Cambridgeshire, which are even more eco-friendly when used with an old plastic bottle as the vase! Each unique felted design is created from upcycled old cashmere and wool jumpers, blankets or boiled wool combined with shredded silk scarves and waste from sari production. The covers […]

Chalk this way

Created to be affordable yet durable, Presiman Designs Chalk Effect Furniture Paint comes in 11 beautiful colours, from on-trend greys to vibrant red, blue, yellow and green, and they can be mixed to produce a rainbow of shades too. With a carefully selected blend of minerals to create a perfect finish, these budget-friendly paints come […]

Weather it well

Vintage Rocks Interiors new Texturising Talc allows you to achieve a rustic finish in just a few easy steps – you simply mix the talc into their Chalky or Liquid Kohl Paint and mix until it is thick and forms peaks. Then apply with a stiff brush, stippling and stodging as you go to create […]

Fabric Cottages

These cute little houses by Debbie Shore can be sewn from fabric remnants and make a delightful window decoration. Want to get cracking on this project? You’ll need a copy of Reloved issue 54, available to order online and download directly to your smart device.

Take a seat

Upholstering is a time-honoured skill and has been practised by artisans long before the current upcycling trend came along. At the family-run A Little Furniture Shop in Shrewsbury, upholstery expert Mark Swain brings 30 years of experience to restoring antique and vintage sofas and chairs, tackling everything from Danish teak mid-century pieces to original G […]

Plastic fantastic

Trash becomes treasure as the star of quirky artworks using found materials ‘I love sifting through bags of unwanted goods or broken jewellery, looking for interesting items of exactly the right colour. Other people’s discards are my treasure!’ laughs artist Jane Perkins. ‘I will use any materials of the right size, shape and colour, including […]

Flea Market Style

Flea Market Style Authors: Emily Chalmers, with words by Ali Hanan Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small Price : £16.99 We can’t resist looking around a flea market, car-boot sale or charity shop in the hope of finding some hidden treasure, or a unique piece to upcycle and add style to a room. Whether it’s an […]

Fabric Bead Necklace

Liven up your outfit by adding this striking,on-trend chunky necklace, made using fabric-covered wooden beads with this project from issue 54 of Reloved magazine by Sophie Robertson. Order your copy online today or download a copy to your smart device with just a couple of clicks. ‘A great little stash-busting project, this necklace would make […]

Gold-patterned glassware

Here’s a simple way to create an elegant, quirky and unique set of glasses for your next party. Want to try this project by Moorea Seal? You’ll want a copy of Reloved magazine issue 54 then! Order yours online today or download a copy to your smart device with just a couple of clicks.

Beautiful creature

Recycled fabrics become a canvas for wildlife-inspired artworks With a lifelong passion for drawing and a textiles design degree under her belt, it was a beginner’s falconry course that made Emily Smalley realise she wanted to focus her embroidery work on the natural world. ‘I spent a lot of time studying birds of prey and […]