Our Star Book: The Art of Living with Nature


The Art of Living with Nature

Author: Willow Crossley
Publisher: CICO Books
Price: £14.99 (on sale 7 March)

Willow Crossley is flower mad with a serious passion for decorating. Whether at a flower market, by the sea or on a country walk, she can’t resist the urge to bring a little piece of nature home with her (not necessarily of the floral variety!). In this beautifully illustrated and thought-out collection, she shares over 50 innovative ideas for displaying such treasures. Spread over five chapters titled ‘Woodland’, ‘Flora’, ‘Fauna’, ‘Beach’, and ‘Edibles’, she shares her concepts for decorating with an abundance of items from chillies, quail’s eggs and feathers, to driftwood and antlers, including displays and table decorations for Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Learn how to hang branches as party decorations (much cheaper than flowers), turn sea urchins painted white into three-tiered candle holders, recycle wine boxes into planters for spring narcissi, or reuse glass test tubes, olive oil jars, and hollowed-out red cabbages as vases. The common denominator with all her ideas is creativity and charm, which is also generously applied to the narrative. Over 90 pages of photos, useful tips, anecdotes and interesting facts combine to make this a delightful introduction to ‘the art of living with nature’.


Reader offer
The Art of Living with Nature is available to Reloved readers at the special price of £10.99, including p&p. Call 01256 302699, quoting KF7, to purchase a copy.

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