Make something meaningful this Mother’s Day


Dremel how to guide – Make a personalised wooden jewellery box

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and instead of making a last-minute dash for the cliched floral or pink high street offering, make something for mum that will serve long after the gift wrap has been removed.
It’s with that in mind that Dremel has the perfect present for 11th March and is encouraging you to say no to the usual bunch of flowers, turn your back on chocolates and wave goodbye to bath sets this Mother’s Day. 
Whether your mum is into arts and crafts or loves something handmade, as the current upcycling trend continues to gain momentum, why not consider taking something that is unloved and in need of a bit of tlc, and give it a new lease of life? 
For a gift that she’ll treasure forever, create a rustic handmade jewellery box. Dremel has put together some simple step-by-step instructions you can follow so you can get making. 
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What you’ll need: 
Wood for your box, a pencil and some paper for your bespoke design, a Dremel Versa Tip, safety glasses, a high performance rotary tool like the Dremel 4000 with a Diamond Wheel Point accessory, a hammer and a 1.5” finish nail to  create a pivot for your jewellery box.
Step 1: To start this project the first thing you need to do is source some wood. We’ve used an offcut side branch for our jewellery box allowing a nicely rounded shape, however, use what you have handy and readily available such as wooden pallets or wood from a tree trunk.  Cut the wood to your desired shape, allowing room for the lid to fit the snug on the box. We cut ours 1″ for the lid and 2″ for the base.
Step 2: The next step depends on how much you wish to personalise your jewellery box for mum. Create your bespoke design on some paper and then using a pencil, transfer it to the lid of your box cut in the previous step.
Step 3: Then, using your Dremel VersaTip, burn your design into the lid of the jewellery box to help create that rustic look. We’ve shown an example of this pyrography on the lid however, do extend the pattern around the edges of the wood too.
Step 4: Wearing safety glasses and a mask, use your Dremel 4000 and a Diamond Wheel Point to carve out a “well” in the base of your wooden material for mums rings to rest in. Use a clamp to support the soon to be jewellery box if necessary.
Step 5: Finally, create a hinge/ pivot point for your ring box by using a hammer to tap a 1 ½” finish nail flush through the lid and into the lip of the base of the box. Simply add a bow and surprise mum with your handmade, custom designed jewellery box for Mother’s Day. Bonus points if you hide some jewellery in there for her too!
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