Made in miniature


Inspiring ideas to create your own doll’s house interiors

Artist Sam McKechnie has been drawn to miniatures and doll’s houses all her life, and this delightful book, Miss Violet’s Doll’s House, is a wonderful collection of projects and ideas.
At the back of the book you’ll find a popout ‘Miss Violet’ plus wardrobe, to encourage you in your making of a home for her. There’s also a great collection of patterned papers and assorted paraphernalia that you can photocopy or download to print from the publisher’s website. The rest of the book is filled with inspirational projects to make her home and accessories. These all have a delicate homemade feel, using materials like shoeboxes for rooms, printed furnishings stuck to walls, beaded wire chandeliers and more. A kitchen table can be made from cotton reels and cardboard, then painted and decoupaged just as you would with your own upcycled furnishings.
Enchanting pictures capture the simple homeliness of the scenes, while poetic, evocative text explains the magic of each room.
It’s a book for rediscovering the joys of childhood makes, playing with the looks of your perfect home on a smaller scale, and losing yourself in beautiful pictures and inspirational ideas.

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