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On Monday 19th December Reloved’s #ChallengMax columnist and upcycling expert, Max McMurdo, spent the day in the workshop inspiring members of his local homeless charity Emmaus Village Carlton. Social enterprise is central to the Emmaus model as it provides meaningful work for companions but also generates funding to maintain communities. Companions living in Emmaus communities are expected to sign off all benefits, with the exception of housing benefit, which is used to help to support the community. The rest of the funding that is needed is generated through social enterprise and fundraising.

chairsThe shop at Emmaus Village Carlton sometimes receives goods that can’t be sold on due to their condition, but with a little guidance from Max, the companions spent the day working on pieces that would otherwise go to landfill. These included dining chairs, drawers, a bookcase and a TV cabinet and we think you’ll agree that they have turned out brilliantly.

Ian O’Hara, Community Director at Emmaus Village Carlton said: “It was a fantastic day; there was such a buzz in the workshop as companions worked on their pieces. The workshop created a real sense of togetherness among the group too. Re-using items is an important part of what Emmaus does. If we can upcycle items that we would usually recycle or send to landfill then this will produce extra revenue for the charity and also enable companions to develop their skills”.

shot1Max told us: “It was such a brilliant day, enjoyed by companions and volunteers alike. The sense of diversity and innovation in the designs was amazing and the atmosphere and enthusiasm within the workshop was great to see. Not only did we create a sense of inspiration amongst the companions but also created some beautiful pieces of furniture to sell in the home store at Emmaus Village Carlton.”

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