Heart of Glass


The Italian business combining recycled bottles with innovative design

Lucia Bruni, the artist behind glass design business Lucirmás, is clear about what upcycling means to her. ‘The number of things that are produced every day is really impressive. It’s for this reason that I decided to dedicate myself to the reuse of objects, not by destroying them but by changing their function.’
Lucia takes glass bottles and recycles them into stunning household pieces – lamps, glasses, jars, spoons and more – and while she creates striking pieces of art, it’s obviously the ecological side of upcycling that’s particularly important to her. ‘Nowadays we keep on buying things, throwing them out and buying new ones. We have become so indifferent to the objects we own, that we do not mind to get rid of practically everything. But isn’t it more beautiful, cheap and romantic knowing that you are going to have an object for life because it is functional, beautiful and, in addition, will become a part of your life? This is the reason why I love objects that create an emotional bond with people.’
Lucia’s also clear that it’s the bottles she works with that help inspire their new forms. ‘Each bottle comes to the workshop with its own history, a form, a label and sometimes covered with dust – all features that stimulate my creativity.’
We particularly love Lucia’s Dama Lamp, a striking table lamp crafted from the five-litre bottles often used for wine or oil storage. Along with the LaFlor ceiling lamp, it’s one of her most popular designs. ‘They have very specific aesthetics, but at the same time they have a timeless character,’ she explains. ‘It’s almost as if originating from an object that has been in use for decades, and although having a modern and minimal design, they turn into timeless classics.’
You can see and buy more of Lucia’s designs at www.lucirmas.com.

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