Copper candle centrepiece


Add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas table with copper-trimmed candles and festive foliage set in a whitewashed wine crate, like this project in issue 49 by Juliet Bawden. Order your copy of Reloved magazine today to get started, or download it directly to your smart device.

‘If you love the copper trend, then you’ll be amazed what you can do with tomato purée tubes for a beautiful decora tive effect,’ says Juliet.

Meet the maker

Juliet Bawden’s real passion is textiles and particularly dyeing, and the way it can be used to transform and relove. Best known for her craft, style and design books, she also designs, makes and writes for magazines and
online, and runs practical workshops for both corporate and educational clients.
Twitter: julietbawden
Instagram: creative_colour8

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