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Love Nellie’s Top Tips to Upcycling

Reloved magazine has learnt that ahead of National Upcycling Day 2017 (24th June), Lynne from Love Nellie – an interior designer and blogger who is passionate about upcycling and styling – is developing top tips to inspire Brits to join the movement and breathe new life into vintage and second-hand furniture and homewear. Love Nellie’s Top Tips […]

[Preview] Crazy-patch shirt quilt

Crazy-patch shirt quilt You can still find life in worn old shirts once the cuffs and collars have frayed, by cutting them up to refashion into this beautiful quilt by Chris English. ‘Lots of my quilts are made from my old shirts and are full of memories – as well as a reminder of my […]

Three For Free – Bottles into Vases

If you’re anything like me, there’s always a wine bottle or two lurking about, waiting for some spark of imagination to transform it from a hangover momento into a welcome piece of decor. With that in mind, Reloved magazine has been looking for a few wine bottle to vase upcycling projects, which has to be […]

[Preview] Coat-hanger tidy

This handy hanger tidy by Debbie Shore is useful storage for jewellery, make-up or other trinkets. Make this fabulous upcycling project in pretty floral fabric, add a bow, and it will even look good in the bedroom! Here we show you how to create two looks with different fabrics. ‘This coat-hanger tidy is so pretty […]

We’re Jammin!

Get your recycled jars and gluts of seasonal fruit at the ready, as Rosemary from Love Jars is osting a 12-hour Jamathon on 17 June to raise funds for Sue Ryder Hospice Care and highlight how we can reduce waste. A nationwide live event, the challenge is to see how much jam everyone involved can […]

Three For Free – Clothing and Linen

We’ve been digging through old clothes and linen and trying to work out what to do with it all. With that in mind, we’ve found three fantastic upcycling projects for free! 1. These pillowcase garment bags! Source: 2. These t-shirt bags by Martha Stewart Source: 3. These denim coasters Source: – A website launched to help reduce landfill

List your skip and let others come and help themselves to its contents. Gather free materials from skips near you. Have you ever wondered what happens to the contents of most skips, especially when the stuff thrown away might be useful to somebody else? The sad thing is most of it goes to landfill. So […]

A touch of fairy magic

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise… in the way of little fairy houses which are popping up in parks, forests and green spaces all over the country. Usually built on tree stumps or made from salvaged wood and recycled materials, these wonderful and sometimes intricate dwellings are […]

[Preview] Hand-painted mandala stone

Hand-painted mandala stone Turn a smooth pebble into a beautiful meditative work of art with these simple steps by Natasha Alexander, then use your finished stone as part of a display or a paperweight. ‘The mandala is a spiritual symbol used in Hindu and Buddhist religions to represent the universe, and often used to gaze […]

Formerly homeless people helped by charity ‘paying it forward’

This Volunteers’ Week local homelessness charity Emmaus Village Carlton is recognising the brilliant work of their companions who are giving back to other communities across the world and their local area. Emmaus companions are previously homeless people who live and work at Emmaus. Volunteers’ Week takes place between 1-7 June and celebrates the contribution made […]