Blog Watch: Vicky Myers Creations


Vicky’s blog began four years ago, after opening an Etsy shop selling upcycled bags made from unwanted clothes. The original aim of the blog was simply to promote the shop – ‘I don’t clearly remember the prompt to do so, but I suspect it was some advice on Etsy to have a blog!’ laughs Vicky – but since then it’s grown into a hub of creativity and crafting.
‘It has become so much more,’ says Vicky. ‘I love sharing makes and tutorials. I’m passionate about inspiring people to use what they have, to be creative, and not to be held back due to limited resources. Personally, I care strongly about our world; I’m conscious that being creative can often take more of our planet’s limited resources but we can tread lightly by using what we have.’
Vicky’s always been a creative person, starting in childhood. ‘I can still remember the first item I made – a rag doll, stitched by hand at primary school,’ she smiles. ‘I’ve been blessed to have people in my life who’ve encouraged my creativity, especially as a child. One of my parents’ friends gifted me her sewing machine when she upgraded. I went on to study craft at art college before starting work in the public sector. Nowadays I work part-time and blog part-time – a very happy balance.’
Upcycling is a big part of Vicky’s crafting, from those fabulous bags to a stunning wooden headboard made from reclaimed planks. When it comes to reworking old into new, it’s the challenge that Vicky enjoys the most.
‘My husband loves to bring a random item home to set me a challenge!’ she laughs. ‘Upcycling means thinking outside the box, having a go at new techniques, having a play. Does it matter if it doesn’t work? No! I love what my daughter was told by her teacher: “FAIL” means First Attempt In Learning.’ It’s a philosophy we can definitely subscribe to.

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