Reloved delivers an audience of 25-45 year-old females who are passionate about crafting a new, individual look for their homes and lifestyles. Bored with mass-produced items they search out individual pieces to revitalise and restore using media to find projects and inspiration.

A large and growing group with a real passion for crafting and upcycling, Relovedreaders do not limit themselves to one particular skill or craft. They enjoy exploring many and varied ways to breathe new life into old forgotten objects, developing skills from crochet to woodworking, painting to quilting.Reloved fulfils this desire to explore new ways to upcycle, update, revamp and refurbish. It offers a real hands-on approach featuring 25 substantial projects each issue covering many varied skills and techniques. As a result, our readers are very keen to complete these projects and seek out both the products and skills they need to achieve this.

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