A touch of glass


‘It was love at first sight,’ says Jackie Birchall of Purple Urchin, remembering her first stained-glass evening class. ‘I loved making the Tiffany-style glass using copper foil and solder, rather than lead.’ She says she enjoys the challenge of cutting the glass just right. ‘It’s the most thrilling aspect of this craft. I often hold my breath whilst I snap the glass apart, and if it breaks the wrong way, well, it becomes something else!’
Jackie makes pieces ranging from freestanding panels to 3D designs, such as flowers and terrariums, as well as more complex commissions based on photographs of special places, wildlife or even pets. ‘I love to upcycle, so I’ve also been using spoons to make dragonflies, lightbulbs to make bees, marbles to make flowers and hummingbirds, and now I’m working with spark plugs to create butterflies.’
• Find more of Jackie’s work at www.purpleurchin.online.

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