An evening with Pearl Lowe

On a very warm, sunny Friday evening the Reloved team ventured to local bookstore Topping & Company in Bath to see one of today’s leading designers Pearl Lowe talk about her latest book Vintage Craft.

Pearl Lowe is a vintage girl through and through, with a love of vintage clothing that started when she was a teenager. Her passion for the subject oozes from every pore, so it is unsurprising that when asked to talk about her new book – Vintage Craft – she captivated the intimate audience from the off.

Throughout the talk Pearl revealed much about her character and design style from her enthusiasm about doing up her new houses in different styles (and she confessed to having moved a lot!), to her love of gypsy caravans. But her real weakness is lace. Vintage black lace in particular. Using it to decorate everything from lampshades to cushions and make-up bags it seems there is nothing Pearl can’t do with the luxurious material.

As well as discussing her own relationship with crafting, Pearl had many tips to offer the budding vintage crafter during the talk, so we thought we’d share just a few of them with you here…

  • When doing up a room, pick one item to base the theme around. For example, Pearl picked up a black lace lampshade at a market in France and this became the basis for one of her room designs.
  • Don’t be afraid to dye lace, but make sure that it is cotton and not polyester (it shouldn’t be shiny or the dye won’t stick). Machine dyes such as Dylon work well, just remember to wash the fabric again on a high wash after you’ve dyed it to remove any excess.
  • Take advantage of local flee markets and car boot sales. Vintage fairs are becoming more popular now, so shop around and look for bargains. Ebay is a good, if somewhat addictive, source too.
  • Creativity can be a dangerous thing if left unexplored, so start crafting now!

Pearl Lowe’s new book Vintage Craft is on sale now, published by Collins.


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