Crochet Tub Chair Cover

Download the instructions to make it here. You can pick up tub chairs in charity shops and at car boot sales, then give yours a new lease of life with a bespoke fitted cover. This pattern can be adapted to fit most chairs – just measure as you go to ensure a good fit. This […]

Colour Me Happy

Reloved magazine loves this lively colouring book from acclaimed textile designer and illustrator Jane Foster. Her striking illustration style and bold, happy designs draw upon the natural world, with birds, animals, flowers and plants that will inspire everyone to pick up a pencil or pen and get colouring in. And the book is made from […]

Blog Watch: Don’t Cramp My Style

With her bold pink hair, you might guess that interior designer Anna Lysik isn’t one for shying away from decorating challenges. Even the restrictions of living in rented accommodation and not being able to change much hasn’t stopped her from creating a cosy and stylish dwelling that would rival any set-up in a glossy interior […]

Fat Quarter Quick Makes [Star Book]

Fat Quarter Quick Makes Authors: Juliet Bawden and Amanda Russell Publisher: GMC Publications Price: £12.99 Admit it – your sewing box is overflowing with discarded fabric remnants and fat quarters and larger offcuts of fabric that might just come in handy one day (but that day never comes). Help is at hand in Fat Quarter […]

[Preview] Shibori Denim Beanbag

Cut up your old jeans and experiment with a bit of bleach and help from Vicky Myers to design a pouffe for your home inspired by dyed Japanese shibori patterns. ‘Each pair of old jeans responds differently to the bleach, creating unique patterns for your pouffe’ says Vicky and you add your own dash of […]

[Preview] Vintage picnic set

A rusty bike basket, an old biscuit tin and a battered flask were the ideal starting point for this picnic project by Cassie Fairy. Sewing a piece vintage fabric and getting creative with some paint was all that was needed to create a lovely portable lunch set. ‘I love to pack up a picnic whenever […]

Coastal Reflections

Glass artist Kate Osman has created these beautiful sculptures from reclaimed glass and recycled materials. From broken greenhouse glass to old picture frames, Kate recycles any odd bits of glass she can get her hands on. ‘My favourite finds are the fabulous gems of colour that you spot among the sand and pebbles at the […]

[Preview] Painted floral tray

Painted floral tray Try our ‘painting by numbers’ technique by Chloe Hardisty for livening up the original pattern on an old tray with fresh colours. ‘You don’t have to use a floral tray,’ says Chloe, ‘Any pattern or picture would work as well’ Learn how to upcycle your own project inside Reloved magazine issue 44, […]

Woven wall hanging

It’s fiesta time! Weave a bit of magic using up a collection of colourful plastic bags to make this Mexican-inspired wall hanging by Juliet Bawden. ‘Many of us still have a leftover stash of plastic bags in lovely bright colours which are perfect for this project,’ says Juliet. Find out how to make this project […]